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December 18, 2010
By pal in

“Chained In Blood”, Rakamarow Records, CD and Vinyl, 2013


Track list:

01. Self Impaled
02. Slave To The Kill
03. Bleed
04. Terminal Retribution
05. Beast Inside
06. The Living Burn
07. Ether
08. Prepare To Die
09. Lights Out
10. Butchered Souls Of No Tomorrow
11. Final Fierce Disdain
12. Ceased

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Order “Chained In Blood”, CD at

“Open Up And Swallow”, CD, Rakamarow Records, 2011

1. Truthfully Deceived
2. Joining Hands With Claws
3. Open Up And Swallow
4. The Earth is Flat
5. Shallow Grain
6. Cash Out in Blood
7. Collusion
8. Mad Gone Blind
9. Hate Spawn
10. Unable to Breathe

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