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March 7, 2013
By pal in

Deathening 2013

Scoring the work of malice

DEATHENING is a Swedish death metal band from Malmö and Gothenburg, Sweden, with the goal set to create a brutal and melodic mix of death metal and thrash. Their second album “CHAINED IN BLOOD”, due for release in 2013, is a twelve track piece on the brutalities and atrocities caused by man as empathy is suppressed. Standing out in the steady stream of metal releases is not an easy task but this is an album so fully loaded with musicality and gut feeling that it is destined to stand the test of time.

DEATHENING was formed in 2007 by engineers/producers Pål Callmer (guitar) and Arnold Lindberg (drums). Arnold Lindberg is a well-known sound engineer/producer who has made albums for Dimension Zero, Evergrey, In Flames and Trident amongst others. He has toured as engineer for In Flames, The Haunted, Europe, Witchery, Destruction, Hammerfall, Kamelot and Hardcore Superstar to mention a few. Pål and Arnold have been collaborating together in several projects since the mid-nineties with Arnold behind the drum kit in Murderplan (Let’s Roll, 2008, Ascent Records) and as the lead singer in Supraload (Hype Divine, 2005).

In the following year the remaining members of DEATHENING were recruited. Niklas Fridh (guitar) also from Murderplan and Supraload joined as second guitarist.
From the beginning Pål knew what kind of voice he wanted for the band and also who could pull it off. Previously known as lead vocalist of late black metal band Embraced, Kalle Nimhagen has with DEATHENING taken his voice to an uncompromising level of rawness blended with high pitched vicious screaming.

People playing the bass are plenty fold but there are few real bass players around. Pål happened to play a demo for Pär Hallgren (Hooffoot, Sgt Sunshine, The Carpet Knights) and he was so thrilled that he simply did not allow anyone else to get the job.

Now the process of making an album could start and in January 2011 the debut album ”OPEN UP AND SWALLOW” was released on their own label Rakamarow Records and distributed through Record Heaven. The debut was well received and voted as best debut album in one of the underground net magazines. It also got airplay at Swedish national radio and was followed by shows in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

In the fall of 2011 DEATHENING began the pre-production of the second album. Now with an aim to find an even more brutal and direct approach to song writing and sound, yet keeping the melodic parts and solos. Recorded in Sound Industry Studio, Gothenburg the result is ”CHAINED IN BLOOD”, a giant leap ahead from the already promising debut.

The core of the music has since the start in 2007 been Swedish death metal and thrash riffs entwined with strong melodies and solos. The brutal vocal style, ranging from death growls to black metal screaming, is backed up by intense riffing and an exquisite drum work.