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Gothenburg Sound Festival

November 27, 2014
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On January 2nd we’ll be opening the festival at 18.00


September 12, 2014
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May 15, 2013
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Today, May 15 Chained In Blood is finally available!

Awesome artwork by Bartosz Nalezinski and guest vocals by Orvar Säfström! Check it out!

Order “Chained In Blood”, LP at
Order “Chained In Blood”, CD at

Order “Chained In Blood” CD from

Order “Chained In Blood”, LP and CD at

Stream “Chained In Blood” on Spotify

BUY “Chained In Blood” from iTunes

Self Impaled video

April 16, 2013
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  • This song is a fast and aggressive comment on humanity’s greedy way of letting short-term decisions destroy itself, without considering the consequences. Metaphorically described through bestial ways of torture and humiliation of the human body, leaving no other option than death.

    It’s the first track from our second album ‘Chained In Blood’, available through Rakamarow Records on May 15th. Pre-order your vinyl and CD from Record Heaven NOW!

Video premiere!

April 12, 2013
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Soon we’ll present the brand new video of “Self Impaled”.


April 5, 2013
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And here it is!

The artwork for “Chained In Blood” made by Bartosz Nalezinski.

Vinyl and CD is now availabe for pre-order at Record Heaven!!!

Order “Chained In Blood”, LP at
Order “Chained In Blood”, CD at


Track list:

01. Self Impaled
02. Slave To The Kill
03. Bleed
04. Terminal Retribution
05. Beast Inside
06. The Living Burn
07. Ether
08. Prepare To Die
09. Lights Out
10. Butchered Souls Of No Tomorrow
11. Final Fierce Disdain
12. Ceased


Album release date set to May 15th. Coming up: Artwork, tracklist and shows.

Right now we’re preparing for the video shoot of the track “Self Impaled” next weekend. The video will be produced together with Dennis Trulsson and shot in Malmö.

The pressing of the album will start next week and we’re very happy to say;
“Chained In Blood” is going to be available on both vinyl and cd!

We’ll soon reveal the artwork and the track list.

Deathening 2013
Time to let you all hear a new track! This is “Terminal Retribution” from the upcoming album “Chained In Blood”.
Deathening – Bandpage
The mixing is done. The result is nothing less than a seriously brutal kick ass album! Further updates including release date, album details and artwork coming soon!
At last! The new album will be mixed in Sound Industry Studio, Gothenburg, last weekend of this month. Not really following the original timeframe though…
The effect of this delay is of unfortunately postponement of the release to early 2013. But it WILL be worth waiting for. The album will be ten rounds of us beating Your face beyond recognition. You know You want it!
More than half-way done with the new album recording sessions and we’ll hopefully be mixing the album in Sound Industry Studio in June. The new track are most definitely a step towards a more brutal style, yet keeping the essence of what you know as Deathening. Release date will be set soon! We’ll keep you updated.


We won!!! Open Up And Swallow is the best Swedish debut album of 2011!!! @

“Open Up And Swallow ” is nominated for best debute 2011 @

Vote for us to play at Sweden Rock Festival

The drum sessions for the upcoming album have come to an end. We’ve recorded eleven songs and are now moving on to the guitars. More info soon!

We’re right now preparing to begin the recording of brand new songs in Sound Industry Studio in Gothenburg.

Lords of Metal Q&A

Underground Empire 11/20

Review and Interview @ Metal Shrine
Metal Shrine 3/5
Metal Shrine Q&A

Slave to Metal 7/10

Lords of Metal 89/100

Nordic Rage webzine

WE ROCK.SE 7/10 6/10

Smålandsposten 3/5

Latest reviews 2011-02_07:
GetMetal 4/5
Festivalphoto 4/5 9/15

May 20th, KB, Malmö, support: S.K.U.R.K. 6.5/10

Slavestate review: 3/5 (in swedish)

Release gig at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg on February 25th

Our debut album titled “Open Up And Swallow” will be released on January 28th 2011 on RAKAMAROW RECORDS.

Order “Open Up and Swallow” at

Buy “Open Up And Swallow” on iTunes

Or listen at Spotify

Visit us at myspace


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